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HYD Minibas Opaque Style Knee-Highs.

This is another one of the most unique pairs of knee-highs that we recommend to our customers. It is pair of opaque style knee-highs like Lenobis style JENNY. The difference lies in its height and comfort level. This pair pulls up only to the mid-calf area. However, while it is shorter, the comfort level is quite high because this is a pair of 3H Effetto Seconda Pelle knee-highs. They feel like silk on your skin and is thus, one of the highest quality pair of knee-highs that you will have to feel yourself to believe! The durability is strong so that that it doesn't run easily. In addition, the stay-up band is very elastic such that it should stay in place even after hours of walking and moving around.

Made With Special Production Management Control.

High Absorbtion Power.

Made with HYD Fresh Scent Non-Allergenic.

Tested Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.<

65% Nylon & 35% Spandex.


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